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At IziMarkPublishing© our mission is to create a safe and supportive platform for our writers, providing them with the best opportunity to achieve success as Authors. We are non-denominational and accepting of all cultures, genders, religions, and ethnicities. No matter who you are or where you are located, we look forward to working with you as you launch your writing career. We fully support the empowerment of women and provide equal opportunity to those who share the same values and vision of unity within our world of words. Our Time To Travel Series© is completely authored by local female writers in their topic country. IziMarkPublishing© offers design, editing, formatting, marketing, and distribution services to writers who pass our interview process. We offer top quality books in all genres and look forward to sharing your words with the world.



Mark Joseph Tyhurst

Mark Joseph Tyhurst was born on July 1, 1997 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. What better start for a budding Canadian entrepreneur than being born in the country’s capital city on Canada’s national day of celebration. Mark is the founder of IziMarkPublishing© created in 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mark’s mission is to enable writers from around the world to discover their true potential as Authors. During his interviews with writers around the globe, Mark was made aware of the underhanded tactics some freelancing websites use to entice writers to sell their work for pennies on the dollar. Mark was convinced there was a better solution.

Mark has worked hard through tennis coaching to accomplish enough funds to fund the IziMarkPublishing© registered writers the opportunity to include their names on their books and split a percentage of sales. The decision to empower women by offering them a safe, free publishing platform was simple after Mark interviewed a young doctor from Egypt for a writing job and discovered that she was prevented from practicing medicine simply because she was a woman. From that day forward, Mark has devoted his efforts to publishing the top quality Time To Travel book series featuring a local woman Author in every country. IziMarkPublishing© quickly grew to over one hundred Authors from around the world in less than 12 months, and continues to expand at this rapid pace under his leadership. He Graduated on the Honour Roll from Ashbury College where he won the most dedicated to his sport (tennis). He attended the University of Waterloo for 3 years studying Applied Health Sciences majoring in sports management.  

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President of Operations

Lilith Petrosyan

Lilith Petrosyan is a part owner and sitting President of operations. She is a graduate of Yerevan State University (journalism) and The University of Manchester (Art History & Visual Studies). For over 6 years, she has been an English as a Second Language (ESL) and Armenian language teacher. Check out her interviews with our amazing Authors on YouTube @IziMarkpublishing. She is interested in growing herself and others around her, through quantum psychology and self-education. These two pillars are part of her day-to-day evolution of not only herself but those who surround her. She enjoys traveling as it broadens her horizons. Travel allows her to feel and sense how we can be, create and grow by discovering the wonderful universe we are in. She is known for her immaculate ability to teach students both English and Armenian internationally through zoom. Book her now by emailing management@izimarkpublishing.com


Raj Dillion

Raj is excited to announce his recent role as Vice President for IziMarkPublishing©. Raj has been hired by IziMarkPublishing© because he has what it takes in order to optimize publication productivity. Their vision and the future of the publishing industry. Raj has always regarded knowledge as power and that is acquired through people and the written word. The more knowledge you have, the better equipped you are to take on the world and overcome any obstacle life throws your way. Raj has been working in sales for over four years. As a passionate entrepreneur, Raj has learned a lot about developing a business. Raj has what it takes to help IziMarkPublishing© reach its full potential. Raj looks forward to working with the Authors and promoting the growth of this company. He cannot wait to see what the future has in store!

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The IziMarkPublishing© team consists of a skilled group of visionaries including: lawyers, marketers, distributors, editors, designers, formatters, writers, and Authors. We are a proud team of hard working academics with the goal of sharing our words with the world.

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