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Blog Post #1: The Time To Travel© Series By IziMarkPublishing© Explained.

The goal of our first blog post is to let the world know about our vision of Women empowerment within our Time To Travel series© so that no Gender feels exclusive as our ethics and values include everyone. We want to ensure that there are no discrepancies or misunderstandings behind the mission and values invoked within the series and why each country’s chosen writer is a woman.

Please note that:

This blog post will not include the publishing process that we provide, we will explain this “New-Era” Publishing label in another post in order to bring a wider understanding to the world of publishing.

Women’s gym’s, women’s bookclubs, women’s sports teams but no women empowerment publishing company? Well, as of July 4th, 2021 the IziMarkPublishing© publishing company started building it’s foundation towards a women Authored travel series featuring one Author from around the world born, raised, and currently living in the country that they are Authoring. Obviously it is expected for individuals to travel as they please and wish and as humans that is our natural tendency. The point behind the emphasis on Legitimate Local Authors is because many travel books (all of them) are written by either professional travellers or professional writers who’s Grandmother was from (insert country here). In all seriousness we mean what we say when the inspiration of writing a travel series called the Time To Travel Series© was indeed inspired by many factors inclusive of the other travel books currently available and in stores. We ensure that within each book, the Authors write within a shell and a style sheet plus many more tools to assist along the way. Inclusive of these tools is a free educational course for each Author who agrees to contractual terms and conditions with our company.

Are there any women series promotions going on right now in the Universe of Publishing? If so who is the Publisher?… Let us know below…

The definition of misogynist according to google is “a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women’.The definition of a feminist according to google is “an advocate of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes; a person who supports feminism." Both these adjectives are the closest words in the modern English dictionary of definitions but portray two very different pictures. Here at IziMarkPublishing the structure is such that everyone is on the same playing field and we very much operate as a team in order to achieve our goals and ambitions. Not everyone is perfect not even artificial intelligence (yet), thus our perspective is open to criticism and speculation as well as opinions that may be contrary to ours. The definition of the two words misogynist and feminist are such (even though opposites by nature of the word), the definition points out the fact that misogynist definition is aggressive and antagonizes the ideals of a menacing man. The feminist is more of a defensive definition to protect women. This is prevalent for many different reasons and the main one is that the oppression of women has continues into the current day of today (June 7, 2023). We will not delve into political or religious conversations due to the nature of inclusivity within our company. We publish men and women, we are currently promoting women empowerment through our Time To Travel series. That being said, there are many countries still around the world that do not include even or even slightly fair rights for women and that is why we are deciding to take on the ,mission of representing and shinning light on women empowerments, cultural awareness and inclusivity within each book. Many of the contributors within each book are both men and women with each book including many writers in certain circumstances. Since we have a full Editorial team, we have the ability to turn thoughts and ideas from first hand local lenses into the perfect English edition of each country.

Empowering women in society is more important now than ever especially with all the anti-human social movements currently in circulation on our screens that are infant of our faces most of the day. We need to understand the world around us in order to work within the limits of societal barriers constricting our growth. We NEED to go to university we NEED to inject ourselves if certain people tell us but then in North America society in 2023 leans towards stigmatizing souls who have a problem with substance abuse. Long story Short, we will be covering each and every topic that brings importance to our existence, survival and prosperity as a human race. WE are non-denominational and promote everyone as long as your standard of writing is up to the standard.

The women empowerment movement is important because no one would be here (no human) without a mother. That is a simple fact, so it is important to show appreciation for the beauty within our femininity. Showing equal importance to every culture through a motherly local lens in a paperback book is at the core of everything; the perfectly safe and secure travel guide. The Time To Travel Series© one Author per country who is form the country they are writing about and have lived there for 10 plus years.

Many of the Authors within our company were freelancers or writers. We will explain on another post as to why it is important to diversify your income streams and how to build your brand. Freelancing as a word was made up based on the fact that you are throwing away the copyrights of your work for a one time payment. This is ok as an income stream as long as you are happy and doing what you love, but it is important to note that with today’s algorithms and competitive nature of companies such as or is that they are great for part time work or specialty work if you were able to join the platform early on to ensure your ranking is high and you are noticed by employers. Freelancing is not only inconsistent but the fact that you can have a book written for $25-$250 from a freelancer, then sell that book forever is something that we do not condone. The trickery here is not only within the hidden fees that many of these companies take advantage of on both ends, but within the belief that this way of work is the best way to live, survive and thrive. Owning your own brand and gaining passive income takes time but in a world wealthy of wisdom and hidden talent, our company strives and aims to scope out the hidden talent and inspire freelancers to expand their brands and ensure their name is on the book and royalties plus advances are paid in order to help each writer evolve.

Writing a through the traditional publishing avenues and the big book printers that have been around for hundreds of years (We will be following up with a post on the types of publishing, the advantages, disadvantages as well as a whole statistical ranking and systematic non-biased way). To be frack the traditional way of publishing has been a very segregated industry inclusive of racism, agism, sexism and many discrepancies that Publishers have been getting away with for centuries due to the cut throat business model every publisher has in place. Most publishers keep their Authors independent but within our Time To Travel Series we make sure to include group chats, updates and many other supportive systems to create inclusivity and international connectivity. Many old school and even new school publishers, keep contracts independent and relationships independent to ensure they have all the leverage and can squeeze al the profits from each Author. On the contrary we work with our management team and Authors in order to create innovation from within. Every great mind has a great mind in their ear and we are blessed with the opportunity to work with some of the brightest ,minds that surround the world. Our readers are blessed to now access the Time To Travel Series first official book. Time To Travel To Chile is the first official book in the series that has been published on May 27th, 2023. Any previous book within the series was either a leek or in one case a sample (Time To Travel To Croatia - No Longer Available, New Edition on the way). The series and the books were each edited a minimum of 10 times in order to craft a perfect publication. We ensure to let each of our Editors know that they must let the accent and penmanship flow freely. Therefore different accents or verbiage may be used from time to time as we do not want to take away from the words of the writer. At this point it has taken less than a year to complete the world series signings, some countries are subject to change.