Alexandra Glemme

Alexandra is a writer and full-time traveler from Sweden. If you ask her, nothing beats traveling; be it through a book (with the exception of a book from the Time To Travel series) or by a plane, through history or fantasy.“I spent a long time chasing the perfect destination, thinking that the further I went the better it would be. What I didn’t realize is every place can feel new or exciting if you learn to look beyond the obvious. This can be thrust into your imagination by visualizing the past as well as the present and to browse through different layers and perspectives. This will ensure you don’t miss a drop of your adventure.” Growing up she could not wait to get away from Sweden, to see something other than what she has seen since a young age. She is now excited to share the beautiful land she had called home for most of her years. The enriching experiences are what she loves to collect and share with readers soon through her writing.

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