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Allison Moore will bring you on a ride that you need to experience and will be glad you decided to read along with her as she gives you a POV view of her homeland. Perfect for travelers, this book includes the do’s & don’ts with all necessary knowledge in a well-compacted way for the everyday & expert traveler. If you are ready to travel now, but cannot due to covid then we have you covered. Our Time To Travel series will bring you the best low-key places from around the world. Are you ready to travel the journey Allison tailered for your personal pleasure? Her way with words will allow you to make the mind manifest the destination you deserve to experience not only mentally but also physically. Within the book, we luckily have a very special once-in-a-lifetime offer that you and your loved ones can enjoy. We look forward to surprising you with pre-planned trip options that are niceley laid out with the best bang for your buck value. With this piece of literary luxury, you are bound to bounce back for more, luckily Allison is a Moore.