Allison Moore

Allison Moore is an American and Balinese business student, Author, and artist. She grew up in California and has spent the second half of her life living in Bali. “I have always loved writing and reading – so obsessed I was with my books as a child that I would read them over and over. I have filled notebooks and laptops alike with stories. Eventually, my passion led to writing articles, short stories, and finally full books.” There is no shortage of topics she wants to explore through her words, she is most interested in those related to her self-expression of personality & culture. She cannot wait to lead you through an adventure in her corner of the world!Publisher Notes: Allison was the first official Author with our company who first started as a ghostwriter for TyTon tea. She then Published her second Time To Travel To Bali and was granted the Author nomination for her TyTon short story. Allison is a very talented multi-niched individual who is willing to work hard for what she believes in. Her visual artwork is one of the many talents she possesses.

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