Ty Meets Ton To Create Tea

Published April 28 2021


Unlike most people, Ty’s daily routine did not start with an alarm, making the bed, or checking his phone. As far as Ty was concerned, his day well and truly began with a scent, the aroma of his morning cup of tea. Only once the cup was in his hand, warming his palms, was he ready to begin the rest of his day.

His mornings had long started this way. As he began to forge his path into early adulthood, the sacred morning tea remained a constant. Today, Ty was running behind schedule for his first cup of tea. As he hurried down the sidewalk towards the cozy little café at the end of his road, he thought about which cup of tea would accompany him for the morning ritual of checking emails.

The distinctive sage green of the café’s doorway came into sight. Ty’s step quickened.