Lemons & Lemonade

By Eunice Achieng Orwa

Published January 17 2022


IziMarkPublishing is proud to present Nina Anto or more formally known as Ms.Eunice Achieng Orwa. She has a medical degree and her book is a very important representation of familial education between different family frictions. In other words no matter what the internal struggles in your marriage will be then you can read about knowing and captivating creative solutions in order to put them into practice. In other words, if you are a single mother, If you are adopted, if your family is going through a divorce, then this is the perfect book for you. sometimes it may be hard to reach out and often quite expensive to see counseling with a third-party professional. Either way, a book is always a good and practical way to use some life-changing grounding techniques and skills that can help you hopefully live not only a longer life but a more fulfilling one. When we find the route to our problems we discover the key to unlocking our happiness. A book allows you to go over the options of the answers to your question over and over without having to continuously do so by trial and error in detrimental real-life situations. We look forward to helping anyone who is having any family difficulty at this time to step up and take a chance at learning more about how you can create healthy boundaries and standards from the standpoint of a licensed practitioner. We call her Nina here at IziMarkPubliuhing because she is like an Aunt that always loves and cares while looking out for the best interest of your family. She also shares poetry to back some of the deep thoughts and sentiments she feels while she dives into the depths of darkness. Let's find one solution to our problem of today to better our tomorrow's seconds, hours, days, weeks, and years ahead. You can support Nina by leaving a comment below on what may have helped you and what you may still want to know?