Freedom To Own Rights

By Wahito Maina

Published June 26 2021


IziMarkPublishing is proud to introduce Ms. Maina, whose book Freedom to Own Rights tackles the tough times she has experienced with regard to police brutality. During the COVID pandemic in 2020, her eyes and those of her peers experienced horrors that would leave you in disbelief. Every fact within this manuscript is based on real-life events. Ms.Maina shares her past first-hand experiences in order to provide information to help the future of humanity by uncovering some of the darker dimensions of police brutality.

Freedom to Own Rights is a short but powerful read. Every second invested in this book will provide you with a lifetime of knowledge as Ms.Maina shares her words with the world. If you want to learn more about police brutality outside of North America based on factual evidence, this book is your avenue. Supporting Ms.Maina means taking a stand against law enforcement misconduct by holding individuals accountable based on their actions. Freedom of speech is the exact same as freedom to own rights and both will be displayed within the pages ahead. Enjoy!