Dimitra Sagianni

Hello lovely readers, my name is Dimitra Sagianni and I am from Greece. From an early age I started my career as a waitress while continuing my studies as a programmer. I continued my training and specialized in food preservation, then I realized that food safety and quality is closer to my calling. So I went to study this and I received certification from the University of Athens for food safety HACCP ISO22000 & ISO9001.

I worked for many years as a manager in restaurants and bakeries. All these years I took care of the smooth operation of the staff, the quality of products and services, as well as the promotion of the stores I worked with. Through my experience in various stores and parts of Greece I noticed the need to publish / write a manual where it gathers everything the staff working in this field should know.

On this occasion I was involved in writing, starting with topics on food and today I work as a columnist with a variety of topics. My goal is to convey a complete and alternative proposal so that readers can choose what suits them best.”

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