The Light Within The Darkness

By Aisha Khan

Published May 3 2021


Lone Wolf', is a story of perseverance and loss, of power of family and friendship, significance of mental health and the strength of human soul.There is no main character in 'Lone Wolf' because we are all protagonists in our own stories. Everyone can relate to 'Lone Wolf,' because we are all alone in the end. You worked hard for 20 years to get there, and many people will applaud you, but no one truly understands your happiness, your 20-year journey.If you have suffered a significant loss, such as the death of a loved one or the loss of a dream, you may find sympathizers, but do they understand you? No. They are not in your shoes, everyone processes grief differently. They can not understand you. We are all stand-alone books in our own stories; we are the protagonists of our lives and more than not we are lone wolves. We struggle with suicidal thoughts and depression at some point and we struggle with mental health.

As '90s kids, we have seen all sizes of screens as we grew up. From big TV screens to cell phones and we saw it happening right before our eyes. Our interaction with media and social media is something that the older generation does not really understand. Media has its own forms of depression and anxiety to offer and we have to cope with them. The world is dealing with this pandemic now called, 'mental health'.If you would like to learn more about Akasious' approach to the stigmatizations of mental health through a fictional story, then you have arrived at the right location. This book will enlighten new pathways of thinking with regards to mental health problems plaguing our society in the 21st century. Life is not always about achievements or losses. There is more to life, it is about unlearning few things and learning to live again. It involves cherishing little glimpses of miracles and hoping for the big ones to happen one day. Life can not be measured on a scale of beautiful or ugly. Sometimes the fact that Life simply exists is enough to appreciate it.